The origins of Sitka are lost in time. Though often referred to as the capital of colonial Russian America, New Archangel, Sitka, has its beginnings as a major Tlingit Indian Village. “Shee Atika”, which translates roughly as “settlement on the outside of Shee (“Shee” being the Tlingit name of Baranof Island)”, was established between approximately 10,000 years ago.

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Hiking/CampingFor those who have come to experience true wilderness, it's just a ten-minute walk away. An exceptionally developed hiking trail system invites exploration among the towering trees that frequently break into alpine meadows.  Scenic roadways and tours to remote locations also provide the means to investigate the landscape via bicycle, car or all terrain vehicle.

One of the most memorable ways to take in the wild beauty of Sitka and its surrounding areas is with a bird's eye view.  Seaplane tours offer a chance to see such fantastic geological wonders as the gaping crater of Mt. Edgecumbe, a dormant volcano, the brilliance of the Baranof Icefields, or the pristine solitude of an alpine lake.

Most visitors - sooner or later - - find themselves drawn to the water, as the quiet channels and coves of Alaska's Inside DivingPassage beckon irresistibly.  Sitka Sound is well known for its world class sea kayaking, ocean rafting, diving, snorkeling and underwater exploration adventures.  Sitka's marine environment is a photographer's dream come true; breathtaking beauty can be found in coastal tidal pools, exciting wildlife and spectacular Alaskan scenery.

In a state where fishing is legendary, Sitka is simply an angler's paradise. The halibut are legendary and the salmon are among Salmonthe biggest in the world. Fishing charters allow visitors to take advantage of waters that boast the highest saltwater sport fishing catch rate for King salmon in the state. While the deep-sea lure of halibut is irresistible, fresh water stream and lake fishing has proven to be a popular past-time as well. The popular Sitka Salmon Derby, which starts in May, awards cash and prizes each year. 

GolfCrazy about golf? Test your golfing skills in wild Alaska with an unforgettable view on a uniquely-built course! 

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