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Sitka Specials

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Sitka is considered the most beautiful seaside town in Southeast Alaska! Find special discounts for your next visit to spectacular Sitka by the Sea! ... MORE

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ONLY HAVE A FEW HOURS AND Wondering What to do?

Let the music begin with either the energetic and brightly costumed New Archangel Dancers all-women troupe or the rhythm of the hand-made drums and regalia costumes of the Shee'tka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Dancers.

Sitka National Historical Park and the Sitka Cultural Center host "the history of Sitka" in their displays, working artist studio, movie presentation and easy-walking trails lined with authentic totem poles.

Discover Sitka's unique shops and galleries offering many treasures for all ages and all budgets!  Purchase a special item to remember your Sitka visit!

Be an adventurer and explore artifacts found in Sitka's museums:  Sheldon Jackson Museum, Alaska's oldest museum, and our local eclectic Sitka Historical Museum.

Looking to see nature at its finest?  Try an exciting wildlife boating adventure to see whales, sea lions, sea otters and more! Grab a paddle and kayak the pristine bays and waterways surrounded by a myriad of islands in some of Alaska's finest natural surroundings!  Explore the Tongass National Forest by taking a hike on one of the many trails for all skill levels!  Leave the main downtown area by biking on the roadways to enjoy ocean and mountain views, that Sitkans see daily.  Strap yourself in for an ATV ride on trails into the heart of nature!

Depending on your interest, tour companies are available to help you make the most of your exciting visit while you are in Sitka by the Sea.

 What can you do for a day in Sitka?

Take an amazing wildlife boat cruise throughout stunning Sitka Sound, where whales, eagles, sea otters and more are abundant and offer endless photo opportunities!

Try out your best fishing skills by catching world-class salmon and halibut!

Kayak through the myriad of lush forested islands and remote bays of Southeast Alaska's spectacular wilderness.

Hike one of the many scenic trails that can go from sea level to mountain-top.  One of Sitka's most popular hikes is the easy-walking totem-studded trails and spectacular views at Sitka National Historical Park.  Don't miss some of the educational hikes offered to learn more about the delicate balance of the Tongass National Forest or the guided ranger walks offered by Sitka National Historical Park in the summer season.

Take a bird's eye view of the awe-inspiring rugged snowcapped mountains, many islands and bays, hidden lakes and Baranof Icefields by floatplane - an adventure full of fun and photo opportunities!

Be an explorer and visit Sitka's most popular places: St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka National Historical Park, Sheldon Jackson Museum, Sitka Historical Museum, Alaska Raptor Center, Fortress of the Bear, Sitka Sound Science Center, Sheet'ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Community House and the Russian Bishop's House.  Finish the day with an evening of dining at one of Sitka's many local favorites.

Brag about your next golf round in the last Frontier as you head out to the driving range and golf course!

Depending on your interest, tour companies are available to help you make the most of your exciting visit!  Remember to bring your camera - the photo opportunities are endless!

Looking for History & Culture?

History - mystery - and more!  Sitka's great museums, Sheldon Jackson Museum, Sitka Historical Museum and Sitka National Historical Park await your discovery!  All conveniently located in the downtown area, just a short distance from each other! 

Marvel at an era of strong Russian influence with the highly valued church collection treasures at St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

Stately spruce forests and historical lands host your walk through Sitka National Historical Park.  The many intricately hand-carved totem poles beckon you to the site of an ancient Indian fortress where a fierce battle between the Tlinglit and the Russians occurred in 1804.  Learn about this powerful, historic struggle through the Park's modern displays and movie presentation.  In the main Park building, visit with local well-known Native artisans as they lovingly carve, bead, weave or silversmith, helping perpetuate their culture in the working artist studio of the Sitka Cultural Center.

Clap to encourage the energetic performance by the time-honored all-female volunteer troupe of The New Archangel Dancers as they display their festive costumes and lively dances!  Feel the beat of the hand-made drums as traditional songs passed through generations are sung and danced by all ages of the Shee'tka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Dancers.

Stunning picturesque views can be found at Sitka's historic site, Castle Hill.  The Kiks'aadi Clan stronghold, later captured by the Russians, Castle Hill is the home of the transfer ceremony in 1867, of Alaska to the U.S., still celebrated proudly by Sitka each year on Alaska Day.

Step back into time to see the Russian heritage displayed at The Russian Bishop's House.  The oldest intact Russian building in Sitka, built in 1842, offers a glimpse into life and history of this long-gone Russian influence.

Stroll Sitka by the Sea to find a few of the other hidden gems:  The Russian Blockhouse, Princess Maksoutoff's Grave, the beautiful groomed grounds of Sitka Pioneer's Home, the Tlingit hand-carved Canoe, the anchor, petroglyph rock and totem pole at Totem Square or other hand-made art found in Sitka's shops and galleries. 

Not sure what to do?  Relax and enjoy an informative bus/van or walking tour of Sitka by the Sea!

Consider taking the Alaska Marine  Highway Ferry from Juneau!

Relax and watch the exciting pristine environment of the Tongass National Forest all in the comfort of the Alaska Marine Highway ferry.  The affordable walk-on rate is an out-of the-ordinary experience to see the unspoiled passageways, marine wildlife and spectacular Southeast Alaska scenery.  Summer ferry schedule allows regular service from Juneau to visit for a day or longer, with or without a vehicle!  On the fast speed ferry, enjoy the 5-6 hour boat ride while you see a pristine forest land with an ancient history as you sail the secluded waterways.

Reservations for your trip can be made by contacting the Alaska Marine Highway at  (800) 642-0066    The Ferry Shuttle bus will be available in daytime hours, but reservations are suggested (907) 747-8443 or making advance taxi reservations.  We do suggest making advance accommodation reservations if you will be staying overnight.

Sitka Alaska – More than you Can Imagine, Closer than you Think!