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Sitka Specials

Wish you were here!

Sitka is considered the most beautiful seaside town in Southeast Alaska! Find special discounts for your next visit to spectacular Sitka by the Sea! ... MORE


Due to Sitka's abundance of adventure, we've provided you with information to help plan your trip. Whether you're looking for a place to stay, going fishing, or getting married, we've got you covered.

Stay - Sitka has over 200 hotel rooms, many bed and breakfasts, lodges, vacation rentals, as well as campgrounds and RV facilities.  Advance reservations are recommended.  The community is well-equipped to accommodate leisure and business travelers, but still maintains the charm and adventure of the Last Frontier.

Restaurants - Local restaurants are an exciting way to experience Sitka's culinary riches. Enjoy fresh seafood, Pacific Northwest Frontier cuisine, and other local favorites to please your palate!  From fine dining to casual atmosphere, Sitka's variety of restaurants will suit everyone's style and budget.

Charters - In a state where fishing is legendary, Sitka is a paradise! The salmon are among the biggest in the world. The halibut frequently weigh over 100 pounds. Often the only complaint a fisherman has is a sore wrist from reeling in too many fish (if there is such a thing!).

Questions/FAQs - Have a question? See if we've got the answer.

Suggested Itineraries - Since there's so much to do, why not look at a few suggestions?

Get Married - Sitka's intrinsic charm offers one of the most romantic settings imaginable to begin life's journey with the one you love. 

Transportation/To and From Sitka - See how to get to Sitka, and view walking and recreation maps for once your here. Also, view information on transportation.

Sitka Alaska – More than you Can Imagine, Closer than you Think!