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Annahootz Remote Float House Camp Coogan

A secluded Alaskan float house... People often say they've come to Alaska and lived the dream, but they haven't really lived the Alaska dream until they've spent the night in solitude in a hidden bay aboard an Alaska floathouse...When they've sat in awe as the sun kisses the sea with waves of red, gold and purple, woken to the cry of an eagle hunting for its prey, and felt the power of a humpback whale's call in the mist-filled night, then, perhaps they can say they've lived the Alaskan dream.
  • FISHING Full-Day Rate: $250/person
  • FISHING Half-Day Rate: $200/person
  • Max. Capacity for fish / tour: 4/6
  • Other Charter Rate: Custom charters
  • Vessel Length: 27'
  • Cabin/Trail Drop-off: