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Picture Perfect Photo Contest - Submitted Photos

2010 Sitka Picture Perfect Photo Contest Winners

1st place
Michael Epperson - waterfall on the herring cove to beaver lake trail

Michael Epperson Waterfall on hike from Herring Cove Places

Dawn wonder - Verstovia
Dawn Wonder Verstovia Places larger

3rd place
Marilyn Blanck - Totem

Marilyn Blanck Totem at Sitka National Historical Park, Sitka (Places)

4th place honorable mention
Amy PEELER - Bay in SitkA

Amyee Peeler Nature Bay in Sitka

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Restful Harbor, Sitka Sound (Nature)Freshly Swabbed DeckMt. Edgecumbe

   Restful Harbor, Sitka Sound            Freshly Swabbed Deck                    Mt. Edgecumbe 
   Nature                                        Places                                           Nature
   Betsy Morris - Belgrade, MT            Betsy Morris - Belgrate, MT              Betsy Morris - Belgrade, MT

Sailor, Worth the Effort, Sitka Sound (People)Home Away From Home, ThomsenSailor Morris, Sitka Sound (People)

   Sailor, Worth the Effort, Sitka            Home Away From Home,                 Sailor Morris, Sitka Sound
   Sound (People)                               Thomsen Harbor (Places)                 People
   Betsy Morris - Belgrade, MT               Betsy Morris - Belgrade, MT               Betsy Morris - Belgrade, MT

ATV Riders, Shelikof Beach, Kruzof Island (Places)Iris Meadows, Kruzof Island (Places)
   ATV Riders, Shelikof Beach, Kruzof Island               Iris Meadows, Kruzof Island 
   Places                                                               Places
   Ray Golden                                                        Ray Golden

Iris Meadows, Kruzof Island (Nature)Iris Meadows, Kruzof Island (Nature)

   Iris Meadows, Kruzof Island                                    Iris Meadows, Kruzof Island
   Nature                                                                Nature
   Ray Golden                                                          Ray Golden

Back side of Mt. Edgecumbe, Shelikof Bay (Places)Woods at Shelikof Beach, Kruzof Island (Places)
   Back side of Mt. Edgecumbe, Shelikof Bay               Woods at Shelikof Beach, Kruzof Island 
   (Places)                                                             (Places)
   Ray Golden                                                         Ray Golden

Top of St. Michaels Cathedral, Sitka (Places)Totem at Sitka National Historical Park, Sitka (Places)  Nature Jacob Dixon Dew 
   Top of St. Michaels            Totem at Sitka National Historical Park,         Sitka National Historical Park, "Dew" 
   Cathedral, Sitka                 Sitka -  Places                                           Nature
   Places                              Marilyn Blanck                                           Jacob Dixon
   Marilyn Blanck

Nature 2 Jacob Dixon    Places 1 Jacob Dixon   Places 2 Jacob Dixon

Sitka National Historical Park   Sitka Harbor (Peaceful Reflection)                    Sitka Harbor
Nature                                Places                                                         Places
Jacob Dixon                         Jacob Dixon                                                 Jacob Dixon

People Jacob Dixon Point of View          People 2 Jacob Dixon

Downtown Sitka (Point of View)                                Outside Harrigan Centennial Hall (Stop Motion) 
People                                                                    People
Jacob Dixon                                                             Jacob Dixon 

Michael Epperson Bald Eagle Eating Fish Nature          Mary Woodson Sunrise over Sitka Places

Bald Eagle eating fish                                                Sunrise over Sitka
Nature                                                                    Places
Michael Epperson                                                      Mary Woodson 

Michael Epperson Wildflower Single Delight Nature Alaska 292          Michael Epperson Hiker on Harbor Mountain People

Wildflower - Single Delight                                         Hiker on Harbor Mountain
Nature                                                                    People
Michael Epperson                                                      Michael Epperson 

Michael Epperson Mt. Edgecumbe Places Alaska 190           Michael Epperson Hiker on Harbor Mountain People Alaska 170

Mt. Edgecumbe                                                        Hiker on Harbor Mountain
Places                                                                      People
Michael Epperson                                                       Michael Epperson 

Linda Wilson - Fishboatsunset - Places1          Linda Wilson Magic Island Places

A commerical fishing boat returns to Sitka                    Sunlit Magic Island Places                                                                     Places
Linda Wilson                                                            Linda Wilson

Linda Wilson Stream New Trail Nature          Linda Wilson Sunflowers Nature 

Lush forest and stream alongside Sitka trail                  Sunflowers Nature                                                                   Nature
Linda Wilson                                                            Linda Wilson

Darlene Dyke Nature Salmon Spawning          Darlene Dyke Nature Mystical View

Salmon Spawning                                                     Mystical View
Nature                                                                    Nature
Chuck Dyke                                                             Darlene Dyke

Darlene Dyke Places Fortress of the Bear          Darlene Dyke Nature Path to Choose

Fortress of the Bear                                                  Path to Choose
Places                                                                     Nature
Darlene Dyke                                                           Darlene Dyke

Ben Pollen Sitka Ak 1950-1970 Places          Carol Arrowsmith St Lazaria Places

Sitka, AK 1950-1970                                                 St. Lazaria
Places                                                                     Places 
Ben Pollen                                                               Carol Arrowsmith

Carol Arrowsmith Humpback tail in waters off Sitka          Carol Arrowsmith Mt Edgecumbe Places

Humpback tail in waters off Sitka                                Mt. Edgecumbe
Nature                                                                   Places
Carol Arrowsmith                                                     Carol Arrowsmith

Carol Arrowsmith The boys chillin in Sitka Sound Nature           Mary Woodson Crescent Harbor with cruise ship Places

The boys just chillin in Sitka Sound                               Crescent Harbor with cruise ship in the background
Nature                                                                     Places
Carol Arrowsmith                                                       Mary Woodson

Mary Woodson Eagle at SNHP Nature               Mary Woodson Seagulls at Sitka Sound Nature

Eagle at Sitka National Historical Park                            Seagulls at Sitka Sound
Nature                                                                     Nature
Mary Woodson                                                          Mary Woodson

Mary Woodson Gentleman walking dog SNHP People                    Waterfall on hike from Herring Cove Michael Epperson Places

Gentleman walking his dog & taking in sites                 Waterfall on hike from Herring Cove to Beaver Lake
in Sitka National Historical Park People                         Places
Mary Woodson                                                        Michael Epperson

Darlene Dyke Welcome People                    Darlene Dyke The Fisherman People

Welcome!                                                               The Fisherman
People                                                                    People
Darlene Dyke                                                           Darlene Dyke

Darlene Dyke          Dawn Wonder Leather Star Nature        

Library Surprise                                                         Leather Star
Places                                                                     Nature               
Darlene Dyke                                                           Dawn Wonder

Dawn Wonder Verstovia Places larger

                                                                   Dawn Wonder

Dawn Wonder Sitka Sunset Places larger

                                                                  Harbor Sunset
                                                                  Dawn Wonder

Dawn Wonder Coho People          Dawn Wonder Jeremiah Coho People

Dawn with Coho                                                      Jeremiah with Coho
People                                                                   People
Dawn Wonder                                                         Dawn Wonder

Dawn Wonder Devils Club Nature                    Caroline Middleton Nature Bald Eagle atop of St. Michaels

Devils Club                                                              Bald Eagle atop of St. Michael's Cathedral
Nature                                                                   Nature
Dawn Wonder                                                        Caroline Middleton

Caroline Middleton Places The face of Saint Lazaria Island                   Caroline Middleton Places Glacier Bay boat docked in ANB Harbor

The face of Saint Lazaria Island                                  Glacier Bay Boat docked in ANB Harbor
Places                                                                    Places
Caroline Middleton                                                   Caroline Middleton

Caronline Middleton Nature Fireweed          Caroline Middleton People King of the Rocks

Fireweed                                                                King of the rocks
Nature                                                                   People
Caroline Middleton                                                   Caroline Middleton

Chuck Dyke Nature Rainbow           Chuck Dyke People Mask

Rainbow                                                                   Mask
Nature                                                                     People
Chuck Dyke                                                              Chuck Dyke

Chuck Dyke Places Sitka          Chuck Dyke Places Tongass 

Sitka                                                                       Tongass
Places                                                                      Places
Chuck Dyke                                                              Chuck Dyke

Chuck Dyke People Chuck's Fish                      Christopher Monaco Totem Places

Catch of the Day                                                     Sea Captain Totem at SNHP              
People                                                                   Places
Chuck Dyke                                                            Christopher Monaco

Christopher Monaco Nature Floating Bear          Christopher Monaco Nature Preening Eagle 

Floating Bear                                                           Preening Eagle
Nature                                                                   Nature
Christopher Monaco                                                 Christopher Monaco

Christopher Monaco          Christopher Monaco

Running on the beach                                              Foggy day on Harbor Mountain
People                                                                   Places
Christopher Monaco                                                 Christopher Monaco

Christopher Monaco People Wow totems are huge                                   Roberta White People 40 Pound King Salmon

Wow - Totems are huge!                                         40 Pound King Salmon
People                                                                   People
Christopher Monaco                                                 Roberta White

Roberta White People Surfing at Sandy Beach          Roberta White Places Sunset

Surfing at Sandy Beach                                             View from Harbor Mountain
People                                                                    Places
Roberta White                                                         Roberta White

Roberta White Nature Eagle Crow          Roberta White Nature Swans at Crescent Harbor 

Eagle - Crow                                                            Swans at Crescent Harbor
Nature                                                                    Nature
Roberta White                                                         Roberta White

Roberta White Places Sunset          Ken Moffett Sitka Harbor Places

Sitka Sunset                                                            Sitka Harbor
Places                                                                     Places
Roberta White                                                         Ken Moffett

Ray Kalchert Nature Full Moon Sitka                      Ray Kalchert People Tot-Em 

Full moon - Sitka                                                      Tot-Em
Nature                                                                    People
Ray Kalchert                                                            Ray Kalchert

Ray Kalchert Places Galankin Island Boat Dock          Ray Kalchert Places Harbor View

Galankin Island Boat Dock                                          Harbor View
Places                                                                     Places
Ray Kalchert                                                            Ray Kalchert

Ray Kalchert Nature The Blue Hour         Ray Kalchert People This one didn't get away

Blue Hour                                                                This one didn't get away!
Nature                                                                     People
Ray Kalchert                                                              Ray Kalchert

Kaitlyn Armer People Berry Picking                                 Kaitlyn Armer People Beachcombing

Berry picking                                                             Beachcombing
People                                                                     People
Kaitlyn Armer                                                            Kaitlyn Armer

Kaitlyn Armer Nature Birds          Kaitlyn Armer Nature Seagulls

Birds                                                                      Seagulls
Nature                                                                   Nature
Kaitlyn Armer                                                          Kaitlyn Armer

Kaitlyn Armer Places Mt Edgecumbe          Kaitlyn Armer Places St Lazaria

Mt. Edgecumbe                                                       St. Lazaria
Places                                                                    Places
Kaitlyn Armer                                                          Kaitlyn Armer 

Patricia Warner Places Pioneer Home          Patricia Warner Nature View of Baranof Island

Pioneer Home                                                         View of Baranof Island
Places                                                                    Nature
Patricia Warner                                                        Patricia Warner

Patricia Warner                         Sheena Crider              

Conservation Tour                                                  Pulling shrimp pots - eewww
Places                                                                   People
Patricia Warner                                                       Sheena Crider

Sheena Crider Nature Chatham Strait          Sheena Crider Nature Bald Eagle

Chatham Strait                                                         Bald Eagle
Nature                                                                    Nature
Sheena Crider                                                          Sheena Crider

Sheena Crider People Teamwork          Suzanne Monacco People Canon safety

Teamwork                                                               Cannon Safety
People                                                                     People
Sheena Crider                                                           Suzanne Monaco

Suzanne Monacco Nature Bear Staredown                          Suzanne Monacco People Holding up the totem pole

Curious Bear                                                              Holding up the Totem Pole
Nature                                                                      People
Suzanne Monaco                                                       Suzanne Monaco

Suzanne Monacco Nature Curious Bear          Suzanne Monacco Places Crescent Harbor

Bear staredown                                                       Crescent Harbor
Nature                                                                   Places
Suzanne Monaco                                                    Suzanne Monaco 

Suzanne Monacco Places O Connell Bridge          Caroline Middleton

O'Connell Bridge                                                        Public Library
Places                                                                      Places
Suzanne Monacco                                                      Caroline Middleton

Lana Beerhalter Nature Eagle at Raptor Center                            Lana Beerhalter Nature Pink Flowers

Bald Eagle at Raptor Center                                        Pink flowers
Nature                                                                     Nature
Lana Beerhalter                                                         Lana Beerhalter

Lana Beerhalter Places Sitka boat marina           Lana Beerhalter Places Sitka Harbor

Sitka Boat Marina                                                      Sitka Boat Harbor
Places                                                                     Places
Lana Beerhalter                                                        Lana Beerhalter

Amyee Peeler Nature Bay in Sitka          Amyee Peeler Nature Hidden Falls during seine opening

Amyee Peeler                                                          Amyee Peeler
Nature                                                                    Nature
Bay in Sitka                                                              Hidden Falls during seine opening

Beth Robinson Bear 2          Beth Robinson Bear  

Beth Robinson                                                         Beth Robinson
Nature                                                                    Nature
Bear cub at Starrigavan                                             Bear cub at Starrigavan

Beth Robinson Starrigavan                        Beth Robinson Sunset

Beth Robinson                                                          Beth Robinson
Places                                                                      Places
Starrigavan                                                               Sunset in Sitka

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