The origins of Sitka are lost in time. Though often referred to as the capital of colonial Russian America, New Archangel, Sitka, has its beginnings as a major Tlingit Indian Village. “Shee Atika”, which translates roughly as “settlement on the outside of Shee (“Shee” being the Tlingit name of Baranof Island)”, was established between approximately 10,000 years ago.

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Some very special places on earth seem to be forged for the curious and adventurous souls who demand diversity and grandeur in their travels.  For those who venture for out-of-the-ordinary, majestic and lush places, Sitka proudly beckons.  For the seekers of treasures, natural, cultural and historical, Sitka is that treasure island.

With views of island-studded waters and stately spruce forests reaching to the water's edge, Sitka is considered Alaska's most beautiful seaside town.  Yet Sitka's hallmark is its tenure and devotion to a culturally diverse past.  In a young state whose history is filled with tales of boom towns and ghost towns, Sitka has the distinctive character of a place that has been settled for thousands of years.  These ancient lands, home to the Tlingit Indians, celebrated their life and culture long before Russians or Americans walked on the rocky shores and today Tlingit living culture is deeply rooted in this small seaside city.

Visitors will always find the bounty they are looking for, which is inseparable from the people.  It is Sitka's citizens who will make you feel at home, who will appease your curiosity, and give you cause to remember your journey to a real treasure island. 

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The history of the United States is but a heartbeat in the history of Sitka. The Kiksadi Clan of the Tlingit Indians had lived in and around Sitka centuries before the Russians or Americans ever set foot on the island's rocky shores. Choosing the sea... MORE


Sitka's Webcam

View Sitka live from two locations. Sitka has a live webcam with views from the south and west of downtown, and another feed which brings in views from all over Sitka. MORE

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